Statement and Bio

Daveion Lashley is a Barbadian by birth and has attained an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts from The Barbados Community College as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art and Design. These courses of study have made him adept in both traditional and digital means of artistic forms of expression. His skill set ranges from drawing, painting, photography and animation to music & sound design.

He is heavily inspired by the Renaissance and its ability to rebirth the arts and evolve society's perception, thereby stimulating the advent of high culture. He has always sought to have this ideology as the foundation for everything he creates. With every piece, he endeavors to create an "Instant Classic."

His painting style is primarily influenced by the Fauvism and Expressionism art movements. He delivers bold, vibrant, contrasting colors through expressive brushstrokes. He always seeks to create something new and compelling, and if required to create within a similar vein of expression as his contemporaries, he endeavors to make his creations distinctive and pronounced in the midst of unique work.

The decision to go by the alias of GodArtist is not meant to be self-aggrandizing, but rather to categorize his field of specialty in the arts. He presents the gospel through unorthodox means that grasp the eyes, hearts and intellect of people and provoke their curiosities about the Jesus he advocates. As a GodArtist, Daveion's aspirations are to portray God in varying forms. Some of these forms of expression may be overt in nature, while others may take the viewer on a journey, encouraging them to delve deeper into the heart of the work before they can see its light.


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Model Collaboration

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I am available to shoot any day and time.

Shoot location:

On set at my apartment/studio (Columbia , SC).
Please note that since I am currently without transportation, if we choose to shoot at a location other than my studio we will have to use your transportation.

Changing room:


Travelling expenses:

Our negotiated and agreed upon terms.


If you are going to cancel or reschedule a shoot, please be kind enough to give me at least 2 days’ notice.

Hair and Makeup:

Unless I specify otherwise, the model is responsible for her hair and makeup.


If we have never shot before I will require a recent, unenhanced image of you.
If you don't call or show up 30 mins after our scheduled time, I will consider the shoot cancelled/flaked.
If you flake on a shoot, I will not reschedule or work with you period.
Calling the same day of the shoot saying you can not make it is considered as flaking.

On set:

While on set; profanity, smoking, drinking or rowdy behaviour is prohibited. A professional atmosphere is to be maintained.
Please put your cell phone on silent or vibrate.
I always play music with positive vibes on shoots.

Model Release:

A model release is required to be signed; it will not be altered in any manner whether by addition or subtraction of content. I will provide you with a copy upon signing. (click here to view)
Unless I'm being paid for a shoot I will not sign any releases except the one I provide.


Valid government issued ID is required for any photo shoot involving artistic nudity. For e.g. Driver's liscense, State I.D
They’re always executed in a classy manner. (No spread shots)
Do not wear tight garments prior to our shoot, as it will leave lines on your skin.
Please be absolutely certain that you want to create nude art. I invest my time and creativity in their absolute entirety to create timeless art. It's a disappointment not to be able to display our work because you might have changed your mind after the fact. Supplemental information for novice models. (click here to view)


Only 1 escort is allowed on set.
They must neither be a distraction to you nor I and are welcome to help on set.


For paid shoots you’ll receive one or two images.
For TFCD shoots you will receive edited photos via CD or dropbox and the amount of photos received will be based on how many great shots we’ve created.
Images are edited for print as well as web sizes and take approximately 7 - 10 days to edit.
After you've received your edited images, DO NOT re-edit, alter or manipulate the images in any manner. I've seen some crappy re-edits of my work and it does not give a good representation of the hard work we would have put in to create stellar images.