What is the (Re:D) Gallery?

The Red Gallery is a synopsis of events that occurred in my life from August 2004 to September 2006.

It chronicles a period in my life where I felt like I had literally died and brought back to the base elements of who I was and who I am. In my lowly, death-like state, God reinvigorated me and reminded me of Who I am in Him and of my Purpose and Destiny.
It was in this numb, deceased state that I was reborn, revamped and given a fresh, unbridled intensity for the things of GOD.
It was in this state that the REiteration of Daveion was naissanced (birthed).

What does (Re:D) mean?

Red (Reiteration of Daveion) is an acronym that symbolises my new fervor and intensity for expressing my identity in CHRIST and His works. It’s an inextinguishable inferno that never stops consuming the horizons of intent.




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