• "Lucha"

    I love wrestling and the mystery of a masked figure is always intriguing.

  • "Acai"

    I love stripping down a portrait to it's simplest form of representaion with intricate lines and broad colour.

  • "No Retreat"

    A rallying call for Saints not to retreat or surrender in the midst of adversity.

  • "War Cry"

    (Joshua 6:20, 21) The simplest acts can birth the most monumental results in their aftermath. There have been numerable times in scripture where worship was used as a battle tactic and in each instance there was a resounding victory. This victory wasn't a result of the enemy being lulled by beautiful singing but rather because God inhabited the praises of His people and moved on their behalf, as a warrior, when he was beckoned. This painting is a visual representation of how those praises appear in the spiritual realm as they're occurring in the natural.

  • "Rage"

    Still from the animation The DAM of the antagonist N'anji.

  • "Crystal Clear"

    I love playing with vibrant colours and shadows. The contrast is so compelling.

  • "Mighty Acts"

    (Psalm 45:4,Psalm 118:15-16) God has promised that HE will do Great and Mighty things for his people by his right hand. The green represents the Prosperous state of God and the gold his Divinity. The flaring sun symbolically represents the power of God being exerted. In a natural sense, once the sun is risen, the effects of its presence are felt instantly and ubiquitously. Nothing can deny its heat and light. Likewise in a spiritual sense, once God has decided to move on your behalf there is nothing that can deny His Will towards you.

  • "A Brilliant Mind"

    Sometimes in life we find ourselves cast deep in the midst of circumstances or prolonged situations that can prove to be draining of both character and mettle. Because of this, at times, we may tend to forget who we truly are and begin to see ourselves through the lens of these consistent, negative scenarios. We know who we are but life, friends, family and those of a close nature to us try to dissuade us and coax us into believing we must permanently live with the results of our temporary environment. This is where we, with the knowledge of who we truly are, must infect and inspire our surroundings with the light and change that comes from a brilliant mind.

  • "Lion"

    Inspired by another artist's representation of a lion. I love raw, vibrant colours from the tube.

  • "Bare Thoughts"

    This piece was inspired by the combination of the Rorschach inkblot test and the Freudian theory that sex plays a major role in the subconscious human mind.